Why Big Red Diary?

well that was a quick change!

Last month in Chablis, my visits were largely in a window of -3°C to -12°C.

This week in Beaujolais, Monday/Tuesday p.m. temperatures were about 12°C, and I’ll admit to having used the aircon in the car at one, seemingly, stressful point as I struggled to find a domaine – often an address in no more than a ‘lieu-dit’ in Beaujolais! But this afternoon, we hit 17°C – that’s summer in the UK! Fortunately, at least today, I knew where I was going 🙂

A few pics from the last couple of days:

2 responses to “well that was a quick change!”

  1. kmilani

    Please give us a hint… what are your general impressions of the wines you have tasted?

  2. aseah

    Oh by the way, I just read the news that we will finally see the return of the MUSIGNY BLANC.

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