Why Big Red Diary?

The long slow death of (Saint) Amour(?)

Saint Amour, today…


Will it really require the return of a few Mercedes 4×4 to resurrect one of the greatest wines of Beaujolais?

Fine writing from Aaron Ayscough…

5 responses to “The long slow death of (Saint) Amour(?)”

  1. jhasenpflug

    You should contact Domaine de Pirolet in St. Amour. A new estate producing very fine wines, nominated last year as one of the best of the Jeunes Vignerons of Burgundy.

  2. Claude Kolm

    Hmm, I’m wondering about Ayscough’s “exclusive” list of good Saint-Amour producers as I’m now drinking a St-Amour from Michel Guignier, a “natural” wine producer in good standing that Ayscough’s list excludes. Ideology and lack of knowledge are not a good combination, as we can see both in wine and politics.

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