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offer of the day – clos des lambrays – 2014 vs 2015

Both arrived together in the inbox today – interestingly Allen Meadows is 94 points on the 2014, and ‘only’ 92-95 on the 2015. You could end up paying more for the one with the lowest points 🙂

2014 Clos des Lambrays
75cl 159.00 (Swiss francs)
150cl 323.00

2015 Clos des Lambrays
75cl 199.00
150cl 403.00
300cl 856.00

8% Purchase tax to be added, but these are delivered prices…

9 responses to “offer of the day – clos des lambrays – 2014 vs 2015”

  1. winemaker01

    It really worries me when Burghound has a finished bottle score on one wine and just the barrel sample on the other. $230ish aussie $ would be +46% tax here in Aust so probably available as a pre-arrive, money up front offer of Aust $340 Vs top Aussie cool climate PN at $75ish. The aussie under screw cap with no cork issues. The 2015 version of C d L would be Aust$420ish. I understand the issues burgundians have had in past 5 years but that kind of price increase will start to hit Australian purchasers price elasticity points, probably US and maybe UK. Bordeaux hit similar price elasticity point five or so years back. The challenges continue

    1. Andrew H.

      If Australian cool climate Pinot Noir was more Burgundian this comparison might be more understandable. But Australian Pinot Noir is not Burgundy, nor will it ever be. And I as much as you lament the price rises in Burgundy but WET is a large percentage of “our” final landed bottle price and that has nothing to do with them.. If that wasn’t the case all imports would be more fairly priced.

  2. winemaker01

    PS I love that image of Roger Beland gates

  3. optombenno

    Out of 6 bottles of the Lambrays rose 2015 bought …. 4 corked. Poor show from the domaine imho.

  4. Mike Golub

    2014 in L.A.,C A. $90+8.75% Tax + Shipping and Handling
    2015 In New York no tax + shipping and handling $260

  5. Gilberto

    Fantastic price! At the Caveau des Vignerons in Morey it was 155 euros, claimed to be cellar-door price. Anyway, for above 200 Fr. I am not a buyer.

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