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bonneau du martray – part 2 – more info

The best (most) information to date on the transaction and some of the drivers for the sale.


2 responses to “bonneau du martray – part 2 – more info”

  1. Jerome Hasenpflug

    I am sure the people of St. Louis, who built Stan Kroenke a new stadium and gave the billionaire excessive tax breaks to move the Rams to St. Louis, could educate Burgundians about Kroenke’s worthless promises. Ditto Arsenal fans. I am not sure that whoever holds the remaining 20% of Bonneau du Marteau shares will be able to ensure that this renowned patrimony remains within “Burgundy traditions”. The guy is a snake.

  2. jonwyand

    Thanks Bill, there have been too many knee-jerk and condemning reactions decrying chasing the $.
    We both know it would not have been like that, glad you have helped to explain. He has done his very best to safeguard his work over the last 22 years and into the future.Jon

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