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early morning volnay…


Today it’s raining, the only colour is in the market of Beaune – but yesterday morning – now that was pretty! Pretty enough in Volnay that I had to stop the car and take a few pics….

2 responses to “early morning volnay…”

  1. Tom Blach

    Interesting to see that beautiful garlic at what is now close to a tenner a kilo. I guess it’s too expensive to import to the UK. Sadly the Chinese(often masquerading as Spanish) stuff we get instead has almost no pungency or flavour.

  2. Simon

    Beaune’s market is very attractive but a bit expensive. A tenner for anonymous ‘ail blanc’ is very high. For the same price you get – in markets in Chagny, Chalon or Cluny for example – ‘ail rose de Lautrec’ which has its own AOC, https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ail_rose_de_Lautrec

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