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weekend wines – week 41


Believe it or not, on Sunday, there was no wine…

But Saturday allowed me to finish the 2002 Engel and the 2001 Clos de Tart, plus open the de Vogüé and the Mugnier. The Engel held up perfectly (stoppered and left at about 15°C overnight), and the Clos de Tart was just a little more yielding than on Friday – a beautiful wine but one for the ages – don’t return for at least 5 years! The Musigny was simply gorgeous, showing big aromas but given its sweetness of fruit and the lack of any hard edges, you might think a great 97 rather than a 98. The Mugnier was simply a great wine – for many years the Fuées has been my favourite wine from this domaine – and this 2005 did nothing to change that thought. You probably all know that I consider the epicentre of 2005’s outrageous quality to be Chambolle – and this wine certainly exudes greatness. The Engel is so different and ethereal, I can’t begin to compare it to the density of the 2005, but this Fuées bested the 98 Musigny, despite me savouring every drop of that 98!

5 responses to “weekend wines – week 41”

  1. JT

    05 Mugnier Fuees approachable now?

  2. Carl Steefel

    I have one bottle of ’99 Mugnier Fuees on tap. I guess I will save it for now. I had it a few years back (somebody else’s bottle) and it was not ready, but Holy Moly, it was good…

  3. Tom Blach

    Glad to see the Vogue 98 is nice. The 97 was as tough as old boots and as hard as nails a couple of years ago!

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