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want to know more about beaujolais nouveau? of-course you do :)

bjn2016Even if only from a voyeuristic perspective!

Although most of us might have little more than an afterthought about this wine, it’s still a massive volume that is produced.

In 2015, for example, the Beaujolais region sold 193,000 hectoliters of Beaujolais Nouveau, or more easily understood as about 25.7 million bottles in France and abroad. The most important markets outside France are (in order) Japan the United States and the United Kingdom. I must admit to buying a bottle each year, but only one, and usually the one with the most attractive label!

There is even a website – but I couldn’t get it to work: www.beaujolaisnouveau.fr – Still I don’t think that it will stop me from keeping with my previous buying habits!

2 responses to “want to know more about beaujolais nouveau? of-course you do :)”

  1. Roelof Ligtmans

    Why Bill, you indulge yourself: a whole bottle of Bojo primeur. Every year! You have no limits!

    Actually, I bought none at all for at least 20 years – and then I rediscovered. Good primeur from the best growers (Chermette, Dufaix, Brun et al.) is really terribly nice – especially with an additional 6 months in the cellar. Or at least it was in the ’14 and ’15 harvest, and ’16 seems to be OK as well. Go get yourself some of this gorgeous drink! And try not to think about those millions of bottles of ugly stuff.

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