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ramonet’s bourgogne pinot – 2009+2010


These two wines have really changed their drinking positions in the time since their respective releases.

At the start, the 2009 was simply delicious; open, caressing and tasty as any Bourgogne has the right to be. To amplify that point, this may already be the last bottle of my case. By comparison, the 2010 was far from friendly as a youngster, having acidity in the ascendency and a seemingly sharp personality to match.

Today the 2009 is ripe and round, but the nose is less attractive with an impression of alcohol – still a gulpable wine, but lacking a certain class. The 2010 has transformed; it is still fresh, but balanced, interesting, and above all begs you to take the next sip – I honestly regret that I only bought 6 of these – which wasn’t my opinion 4+ years ago…

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  1. Brian Robson

    Thanks for the notes Bill. I have had similar experiences with wines from these vintages at this level.

    What continues to surprise me is the amazing quality of these back to back vintages at the Bourgogne level.

  2. bmcq

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