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give a dog a vosne…

 Or rather, some malcontent vosnes, already gone to the dogs…

My last night in Beaune after our harvest was a meet-up with Marko de Morey, who had also finished his harvest.

A simple night with a trio of Vosnes, a big baguette, and a fresh Brillat-Savarin – what could go wrong?

Well, wine #1 was the 1998 Thomas-Moillard, Vosne 1er Malconsorts, and it stunk of brett – the nose said to both of us – DNPIM (do not put in mouth) – so having two more bottles, we didn’t!

Wine #2 is a favourite of mine, the 1999 Gilles Remoriquet, Vosne 1er Au Dessu des Malconsorts – pff! Totally corked!

Wine #3, could we make it 3 disasters in a row? or would, Nicolas come to the rescue? The 2002 Nicolas Potel, Vosne 1er Malconsorts had a rather understated but clean nose, and a welcoming and complex palate, a palate that seemed to slowly, slowly, get better and better – not full-power, but very tasty indeed – so we didn’t need cry into our last glasses!

2 responses to “give a dog a vosne…”

  1. Simon

    So what do you do with the two dogs? Go to Moillard and Remoriquet (or whereever you bought them) to get your money back or a suitable replacement? Or – seeing the time that has passed – take your not insignificant loss?

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