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advini buy maison champy

Quite an important announcement I think – at a time with very few transactions:


Advini are also the owners of Domaine Laroche in Chablis – and frankly, despite their ‘factory size’ Laroche have been making outstanding wines for a few years now. Smaller Champy will have much to benefit from, I think…

Returning to my ‘very few transactions’ comment. Burgundy pricing, including land prices are at historic highs, so Advini must have paid a very good (high!) price for this entry into the Côte d’Or. It seems that they have a lot of confidence!

And here is the press-release from Advini:


2 responses to “advini buy maison champy”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    I was quite surprised to be reminded Champy bought Laleure-Piot as ‘far back’ as 2010 – in my mind seemed much more recent than that – time flies. Advini are clearly an outfit of some scale looking at their holdings.

  2. Nick Peay

    Aren’t they (Champy) the guys machine harvesting on Corton? I seem to remember reading this though I could be wrong.

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