Why Big Red Diary?

a little santenay, chassagne & bâtard…


An on/off rain day today. Today is also the start of my visits to taste 2015s – as usual, commencing with ‘mainly white’ domaines. Today taking in a little Puligny and Santenay, with obligatory photo-stops along the way…

One response to “a little santenay, chassagne & bâtard…”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    Am I allowed to publicly ask which domaine/vigneron does wonderful looking cuddly M belong to, bless 🙂 . What a doleful, fantastic looking, dog but what might happen if one sought to remove the ex pink pig I wonder !

    Nice pic of the always fondly remembered Magenta premises Bill, location of my formative start as a vendangeur all those years ago, thank you Amelie.

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