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weekend wines – week 43

weekend wines – week 43

A tasty set this weekend, and without being too flashy 😉 The 2011 Puligny from Au Pied de Mont Chauve (Picard) was right on the money, layered but fresh and intense – it drank perfectly over 2 days. The 2010 villages Nuits of Clavelier is tighter than it was 3 years ago, but then opens […]

new burgundy report online

After the summer pause, when the whole of France decides to go on holiday, September is about harvesting. Well usually! The harvest was a late one this year, with most of the Côte de Nuits finishing in October. So, a report with plenty of 2016 vintage info, plus a more in-depth look at what the […]

o leflaive with pousse d’or & d duband – hospices weekend dinners

o leflaive with pousse d’or & d duband – hospices weekend dinners

If you are ‘in town’ for the Hospices weekend, then this really looks not bad; good food and some proper wine… Full infos here.

offer of the day – henri boillot 2015s…

Well, this retailer is back on the email trail – it was only in August that they made an offer of the 2014s from this producer. I won’t make this list even more unintelligible than the prices in the link above, I’ll just bring it down to the 2015 and the 2014 prices as a […]

Volnay Santenots

to the east or golden? – the côte d’or

&nbsp:Yesterday looking down on Volnay and Pommard There are competing possibilities as to why the Côte d’Or is called the Côte d’Or. Yesterday afternoon – even without sunshine – showed why so many people consider d’Or to mean gold – the golden slope – but of-course it lasts, at best, for only a couple of […]

ardhuy & bouchard aîné – doors opening and closing…

Vincent Bottreau, currently the winemaker at Bouchard Aîné has been confirmed as the new winemaker at Domaine Ardhuy. Vincent tells me that he’s hoping to be in place by mid-December. Of-course this all started with: David Croix moving from Camille Giroud to Jean-Marc Roulot Carel Voorhuis moving from Ardhuy to Camille Giroud Now Vincent Bottreau […]

all meursault in the morning…

all meursault in the morning…

 Looking towards Puligny this morning… My first appointment this morning was at 08h00 and in Meursault. And after the torrents of rain yesterday, it was not just dark it was still quite damp. But from the road to Nantoux, just before Pommard, we had low cloud – let’s call it fog! I emerged from Anoine […]

Spot the clone? Cent Vignes

nearly all weekend beaune…

Saturday was lovely, but it was mainly overcast on Sunday – the vines still looking good though:  

Pulling out the old...

just a little puligny today…

The first visit today was actually in Chassagne, but the camera only came out for the later visits – all Puligny pics, and mainly grand cru…  

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