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legal: don’t speak to him…

It is said in Nuits that the people of Maison Ilan or their legal representatives have contacted suppliers, warning them not speak to the journalist inquiring about Mr. Walker’s woes – apparently with “discrete but obvious legal threats…

I assume that those representatives no-longer want grape business from their previous suppliers, hence, 2015 would effectively be the last grapes ‘bought’ by Maison Ilan…

6 responses to “legal: don’t speak to him…”

  1. R.K. Stockton

    tisk tisk…so it goes!

  2. Claude Kolm

    Notice the similarity to Donald Trump’s modus operandi?

  3. Sycamore

    Let us not let journalism be dissuaded from such tactics….

  4. Sycamore

    Probably reads better with a “by” in place of “from”… 🙂

  5. Art Rose


  6. Mike Beltran

    Appears the growers will get stiffed as well as the buyers. Perhaps he and John Fox may have been working together!!!!

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