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hats, dogs and pruning…

Found. A super (2010) article about Michel Duclos:

Does he ever remove his hat? No, he says, never. He shows me his car: The back seat has more hats, in case he feels like a change
Margaret Rand / World of Fine Wine

3 responses to “hats, dogs and pruning…”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    Fantastic article, thanks Bill, only quickly read the once for now but need to find time to read again more thoroughly. Wonder if Monsieur Duclos could help me out with (how to properly) use my secateurs at vendange time 🙂 . As on record as an avowed dog lover already on this site isn’t Leeloo fabulous – love the thought of her with her own chair, plate and steak – brilliant ! Quite right too ! Is their a French translation for ‘Jack Russell’ – Google translate suggests not.

  2. Mark in Pernand

    Running beanie hats, triage table hats (mind boggles lol) , Swiss Mountain hats, Camille Giroud/Domaine Croix baseball type hats, Subaru rally hats – have I missed any 🙂 ?

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