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harvest day 5 – 26-sept-2016

 A little villages Gevrey-Chambertin to start the day…

The good weather continues – and if we believe the forecast(!) maybe for the whole week too…

For those a little slower off the mark, today is the real start for many in in the Côte de Nuits. As noted, yesterday, Dujac are starting today, and also in Morey, Sebastien Odoul of Odoul-Coquard is making his first cuts – they are not the only ones! Of-course Burgundy is not just the Côte d’Or! Many in Chablis are starting to harvest today too – I note Domaine Christian Moreau, Domaine Daniel Seguinot, amongst others, are now in their 1er Cru vines…

But for us, today, it was a slow start. Our fruit from Gevrey was out of the chill-wagon nice and early, but more was on the way – so we didn’t actually start triaging the fruit until 10am.

That being the case, I took a tour of the, mainly empty, stainless-steel tanks in the cuverie. Here we can easily see the advantage of temperature controlled tanks; directly I could see on the display-panel, that our first tank of Morgon (that which was destemmed) was starting to ferment – the other tanks were all ~16.5°C – but this one was now 17.5°C – stand well back! 🙂

Between parcels of Gevrey – we also have Gevrey in the afternoon – came some Meursault Vireuils. Actually a little bit too much for the size of our pneumatic press, but a solution was found; Our winemaker has his own domaine, and today harvests his Corton-Charlemagne, and there’s less of that. So his Charlemagne comes here to be pressed, and our Meursault goes to his place to use his bigger press – flexibility!

Our day rounded off with the last of the Gevrey, and it’s been something of a constant theme; very good ripeness, the only unripe stuff being the second-set grapes that shouldn’t have been harvested in the first place, and the ever-present raisined grapes to be triaged. Once more, very good stuff – again with seemingly quite ripe stems too.

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  1. R.K. Stockton

    Do you have any comments for Maranges?

  2. Stephen Dowd

    I start my day with orange juice and coffee.

  3. musignymike@gmail.com

    How many kilograms of grapes are there in each of tshe trays?

  4. musignymike@gmail.com

    If I wanted to do an attachment to an E Mail I wanted to send yoy,how would I do it?

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