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grappl’in with savigny blanc


Earlier this year I compared the 2011 and 2012 of this villages white: The 11 was open, soft and simply very, very tasty. The 12 was a little more angular and phenolic – impressive but not yet really tasty – things can change quickly, though.

Here we are at the end of our summer and virtually all the angles of this wine have now been carefully chamfered. It’s very tasty now, with a trailing, sweetly acid-led flavour. Actually, it’s delicious…

4 responses to “grappl’in with savigny blanc”

  1. winemaker01

    Sounds like what I need now but I have to settle for my 2016 Savvy out of tank pre-bottling quality control, also scrumptious and that is a genuine comment by someone who rarely likes savvy

  2. tick4d

    That Le Grappin is made by an Australian chap who buys his grapes isn’t it?

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