Why Big Red Diary?

“can I refill it and put the cork back?”


I guess I’m going to have to see this one*. I guess I’m still not the only one trying to workout how the auctioneers; Acker, Bagheera, Spectrum and previous Christies management – and they are probably not alone – could make so much money from this – without sanction…

*By the way, Ponsot said that 80% of all pre-1980 wines from a handful of Burgundy producers, at auction, was fake – not 80% of ALL Burgundy wines at auction!

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  1. Brian M. Dorsk, M.D., 37 Concord Place, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

    Old pal, Serena Sutcliffe is quite strict with her staff in evaluating wines for prospective auction to very carefully document provenance, lables, etc., obviously a greater problem as prices continue to escalate.

    I have a couple of friends, avid collectors, both, who suffered at the hands of fakers – we all know the major offenders. Perhaps, mysup,er fiscal limitation has saved me from such problems. I do not know of many fakes of Bordeaux super-seconds, though as with old Burgs, highly touted wines, whatever their appellations are increasingly likely to be targeted. Quel domage! Seems that everyone has horror stories.

    Brian M. Dorsk, M.D.
    Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

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