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week 15’s new producers…

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Of-course, this week was a Beaujolais week…

4 responses to “week 15’s new producers…”

  1. Simon

    Interesting is your interest in Beaujolais now. It does fit in your aim to include ALL of Burgundy. I’ve been off Beaujolais for years -,but I can see that your comments could bring me back!

  2. Roelof Ligtmans

    Hi Bill,

    given your recent interest in wines from outside the Côte d’Or (which I can only applaud), and the creation of the new French “Région Bourgogne Franche Comté”, I guess next up is your review of Jura wines? Some Burgundy winegrowers have already made the leap to the other side of the Bresse plain ….

  3. Peter Bamford

    Re oxidised wines, with Bojo being a capital of Natural wine, that’s another risk you’re taking!! I hope you enjoy looking out for the tell-tales of incipient oxidation. The zero-sulphur brigade seem happy with wines which taste good in their cellars, with no respect for what might happen if the wine was sold in a shop, so went above 15 degrees.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing your Beaujolais reports… and hoping that the pic of Paul Janin reflects one of the successful visits! In the past I’ve found his wines candidates as the most profound and age-worthy in Moulin.

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