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a màv tuesday…


Nice weather in the Beaujolais yesterday – except in the late afternoon, and seemingly only in the heights of Moulin-à-Vent – and what vent! There was also the thunder and lightening though fortunately only modest rain.

Given the number of desolate, ‘herbicided’ vineyards, it was really nice to see one magnificent steed at work in MàV – and the domaine? It turned out to be that of ‘Mâconnasian’ Olivier Merlin.

In MàV yesterday, I tasted some great stuff, and some really pretty nasty stuff…

One response to “a màv tuesday…”

  1. Brian M. Dorsk, M.D., 37 Concord Place, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, USA

    As a lover of the Beaujolais cru’s, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that these wines seem “cleaner,” bigger, and more ageworthy than in the past. I hope that you might offer some insight as to what reasons, be it viticulture or winemaking might explain my observations.
    Thank you,
    Brian M. Dorsk
    Cape Elizabeth, Maine
    Les Etats Unis

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