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easter monday in the côte de beaune


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  1. Mark in Pernand

    Bill, slightly unrelated, but I’ve just read Jon Wyand’s (to me) devastating advices of the very, very sad passing of Bernard Dubreul.

    I’m distraught at this, such a lovely chap for whom I had the highest regard, and greatest affection. Christine told me he was very ill with cancer on my usual annual visit last September but I’d heard nothing more until now. Superb memories for me of him in his apron in the cuverie during my treasured 2009 vendange experience & his personally initiated “beer o’clock” late afternoon routine for the cuverie workers to pause for a biere break. The evening dinners during that vendange sat with Bernard, his lovely wife, Christine and husband, Nicolas, were so treasured.

    So sad, a true Burgundian man of the vines, kindly, gentle, always with a wonderful glint in his eye.

    RIP Bernard mon ami.


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