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15 september – 2015 harvest day 12

Lavaux St.Jacques.

The finishing-line is in sight now, but today we’re just going to focus on more Marsannay Les Longeroies and one of Gevrey’s bigger guns – Lavaux St.Jacques. Still, it won’t be very much fun cutting grapes today, due to multiple showers of rain overnight – but by 09h00 the streets and pavements of Beaune are almost dry.

As our first cases arrive – Lavaux (some say/type Lavaut) St.Jacques, it’s clear that conditions in the vines were less than perfect; the fruit in the cases is fine, but to the sides and the bottoms of those cases adheres plenty of mud – sorry, terroir! There’s a thought – over the last 40-50 years I wonder how much soil/mud from the Côte de Nuits has been washed down the drains of Beaune. Before that most fruit was processed locally as there simply wasn’t the ease of transportation of today. When our Marsannay arrives, if anything, the cases are muddier than we experienced with the Lavaux – and they were a pig to clean afterwards too!

It’s almost an anecdote, but the fruit was once-more excellent, I’ve really nothing more to add to the commentary from the previous days…

Tomorrow should have been our last day, but due to the rain – and it rained some today too – the sellers have slightly delayed some of their picking. So tomorrow it’s (only) Charmes-Chambertin…

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  1. kmilani

    Thanks for your daily reports at this time of year. So quality is generally high, what’s your guess regarding quantity?


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