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06 september – 2015 harvest day 3

Don’t believe the 2015 hype – well, don’t accept it as universal anyway – this is Burgundy.

Today was a Volnay at the home domaine – Volnay 1er cru and Volnay villages. This vineyard/plot/vine selection delivers plenty of rot – every year. It also usually brings a lot of unripe clusters which are simply thrown away – which I find incredibly frustrating – but it always makes a beautiful, clichéed, floral Volnay – sometimes better than our Caillerets (like in 2011…). This year, there’s still plenty of hard work in triage, but certainly less than usual. Less unripe clusters too – not particularly small berries but I’m pretty sure this will be a good wine.

A modest day – only 4.5 tonnes triaged 😉

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  1. Andy

    What recent vintage do you believe it will be most similar too? 2010 perhaps or more like 09 or 05?

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