Why Big Red Diary?

time to start your 100 day countdown!

Pic by Olivier Lamy.

Floraison in Burgundy (flowering in Burgundy) – reported and pictured by Olivier Lamy today. He saw the first flowers today in Criots, Chaumées and Gravières vineyards.

Those are all chardonnay – the pinot is usually later to flower…

4 responses to “time to start your 100 day countdown!”

  1. Mark in Pernand

    So, Chard wise, say end of first week in Sept or smidge earlier applying the ‘rule’ 😉 ?

    Look fwd to seeing CdN flowering idc. Guess you might be on that triage table before I get to set foot in the vines for year 8 then ! Wonder if we might have a vendange break for one of those spiffing petit dejeuner this time 🙂 !

  2. Craig Williams

    I believe you mean floraison not veraison when the berries transition from berry growth to berry ripening. Thank you for the terrific photos!

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