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2000 beaujolais nouveau ‘not nice’ shocker…

I liked the look of the seriograph-printed 2000 nouveau from Duboeuf, so kept it as a memento of the millennium, surrounded by empty bottles of DRC and Musigny (of-course!) in my ‘bottle-art’ installation in my office. But I’m in the process of moving house – or more aptly, still making a big mess of the old one – so was going to throw this out.

But why not open it? Despite it never being ‘cellared’ the level was high in the neck and the capsule spinned without issue. What a great post I thought, the excellence of 15 year-old nouveau!

2000 Georges Duboeuf, Beaujolais Nouveau
Hmm, the corkscrew pulls up right through the middle of the cork, but without budging the sides. I change to an ah-so and the cork comes out fine. Unfortunately the cork has something rather too in common with the wine – both absolutely stink of cork taint – I still tried to taste, but it was über-yuk!!! The texture, form and delivery seem not bad, but now I’m looking for something to take the nasty cork-taint taste out my mouth…
Rebuy – No

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  1. philipabrams

    Ah, so that’s 68 points on the well known American rating system….

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