Why Big Red Diary?

patchworks, repeats and aubert…

The 18-20°C of the last days has disappeared under the clouds and the spitting rain today – about 5°C for the record. But the vineyards still have that great patchwork impression as the different domaines plough – or not, and prune – or not, at their own pace.

The lunchtime menu du jour contained andouillettes today – as part of my total immersion, I take them without hesitation – the last couple of mouthfuls even tasted pretty good (it seemed) – but boy did those flavours repeat and cause reflux 5 hours later during a modest jog – sacre-bleu!

Finally, a link that you really should make some time for: Aubert de Villaine in conversation – definitely worth 1 hour of your time! https://t.co/Fj18Nh9F2C

Agree? Disagree? Anything you'd like to add?

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