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a little clos de vougeot action from today…

Today was the ‘Trilogy’ tasting for the villages of Morey, Chambolle and Vosne – in the Château de Clos de Vougeot – and in beautiful spring weather too.

To be honest, you have no chance to taste everything – well I haven’t and be semi-cogent anyway.

So today I chose to visit every wine (in the room!) from Chambolle in 2013 – no mean feat – there was about 70 of them dotted around the scrums of tasters. I started on the dot at 10h00, took a couple of breathers – actually coolers as the room was getting warm – a 45 minute lunch, and still finished only at 16h00. Actually, my last wine was only a half Chambolle-Musigny -?- okay, just the word Chambolle was missing from the label 😉

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  1. mike

    Well what did you taste?

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