Why Big Red Diary?

today’s Beauneblick…

Ouf – accounts. I finished January’s at any rate today…

Of-course it’s important to get out – even with a stupid chesty-cough – particularly when there’s a nice colour to the waning sunlight 😉 Playing here with an old manual focus lens – I chose the ones that weren’t too badly focused 😉

Tomorrow I’m off to Mercurey.

Views of Beaune today…

3 responses to “today’s Beauneblick…”

  1. mike

    Can you name some producers who export a Mercury Blanc? Had it a few times and it never seems to touch the West Coast.

  2. optombenno

    Rolef, of this parish indeed, he may chip in if he sees this- does a delicious Blanc 🙂 the 13 a touch on the delicate oak at the moment but given a year will blossom nicely !

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