Why Big Red Diary?

not chablis…

Well, you didn’t think I’d turn up empty-handed did you?

2008 Dubreuil-Fontaine, Beaune 1er Montrevenots
When very young there was a gorgeous and piercing note of fruit that had irreproachable clarity. Sad to say that it has faded, but the wine overall is balanced and intense and for the vintage it’s rather friendly – though many show kinder faces now than when they were young. The fruit is dark red and has lots of energy and interest – lithe and flexible. It is still lovely.
Rebuy- Yes

2007 Camille-Giroud, Corton-Rognets
Oof – aromatically I would have guess Renardes – but the musky animale note slowly fades into a modest aromatic. In the mouth this is very good, with fruit of fine clarity and very good dimension. The structure is subsumed but the flavour not. Very tasty!
Rebuy- Yes

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  1. Sycamore

    Thanks, as always, for the notes, Bill. Thoughts from you or others on the ’08 vintage as it stands now, on a very general basis? My take is give it time, but I’m starting to get concerned that it will ever “get there”…..

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