Why Big Red Diary?

mist, sun, barrels, horses, trees and sky…

It just felt like that kind of day!

On my way through the mist to visit Le Grappin today, I even saw peoples’ breath steaming a little – it didn’t seem that cool, but apparently…

The sun managed to break through quite early today, it was already sunny around lunchtime. The vineyards close to the RN(9)74 have lost much of their leaves, but on the hillsides they remain beautifully coloured, delineating the vineyards – none more-so than Monthelie and St.Aubin in the Côte de Beaune.

Heading back to Puligny from Saint Aubin I happened upon the horses of Leflaive doing their thing in Pucelles. Idyllic…

One response to “mist, sun, barrels, horses, trees and sky…”

  1. Peter Bamford

    Fine form with the lens 🙂 Thank you

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