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cold, zalto, riedel…

Ouf! Thursday was cooler – we’ve lost 10°C in 12 hours! Thursday had a brilliant sunrise (for those heading for early appointments in Maranges!) but stayed very cloudy until late afternoon. By 4pm there were the first flashed of blue sky – but don’t tell the people of St.Romain – it was already black as night when I left there!

In the evening I had a little play with, comparing a Zalto, a Riedel and a 2004 Volnay Champans from Count of Lafon. I didn’t find any pyrazines with either glass, but the aromas were a little more herbal in the Riedel versus the more floral and prettier Zalto. 1:0 to Zalto. In the hand though, I found the Zalto stem disconcertingly narrow and it seemed a little top-heavy. The Riedel seems more balanced in my hand – that could be familiarity of-course – the Riedel was more like an old friend. I prefer drinking with old friends!

But that doesn’t mean I won’t keep having a chat with the Zalto 😉

2 responses to “cold, zalto, riedel…”

  1. Tom Blach

    With the greatest possible respect to both Zalto and Riedel, I am constantly delighted at the range of reasonably priced excellent glasses available compared to even ten years ago, let alone twenty when they were all dreadful.

  2. gilberto

    Yes, Bill, the Zaltos, and especially their Burgundy, take some time to get used to. At the beginning I found it very difficult to swirl the wine with the Burgundy. But once you get used to them, there is no looking back.

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