Why Big Red Diary?

the contenders start their harvests…

Almost, but not quite, the last of the bottles drunk with Team NZ in Switzerland.

Jasper has a few of the starters:

Amongst others, also starting Wednesday (today!) is Jean-Marc Roulot and Vougeraie in their white grand crus.
Thursday there’s Domaine des Croix and Dubreuil-Fontaine
Friday it’s JF Fichet, Benjamin Leroux (whites) + + +
Domaine Dublère and Camille Giroud start at the weekend and Bonneau du Martray next week, as do the first of the Côte de Nuits – but some of those Côte de Nuits domaines have no plans to start before the 20th.

There’s been a little rain yesterday and overnight, but the sun is out this afternoon – let’s hope there’s nothing to cajoule the botrytis into action!

6 responses to “the contenders start their harvests…”

  1. Alvin

    Rousseau starts on Friday too.

  2. Mark in Pernand

    Arlaud in Morey start 15th Sept 😉

    Believe Gouges are also 15th starters.

  3. Peter Bamford

    For the last week, the forecast has stayed stable, with rain due Tuesday. There seem quite a few starts on Monday (15th). Is this likely to be at all the case of anyone harvesting their most prestigious red vineyards a little early; before the rain?

  4. Rick Schofield

    Always love your photos, always wish for a caption.

    Rick Schofield
    Port Ewen, NY

  5. Dan Samsøe

    How was that 2010 Chevret?? Have it in the cellar

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