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bart’s 2006 marsannay les champs salomon


2006 Domaine Bart, Marsannay Les Champs Salomon
The nose was a little unappetising to start – oldish toasty oak – it took over an hour, but the aromatics slowly cleared and became more attractive: Very pretty red fruit, dark-shaded with a nice acid bite – I like! Wide, with good acidity this wine attaches lots of flavour to your gums. Still some tannin and it’s also a little unruly – but it’s also lots of fun. I’m very much enjoying this now – it was just the first hour that wasn’t so yum…
Rebuy – Yes

One response to “bart’s 2006 marsannay les champs salomon”

  1. r.k. stockton

    Can’t argue that. Just sounds like Bart woke up a little grumpy. Sounds like the Champ just needed a bit of fresh air.

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