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2 bourgognes, 5 for germany (so far…)

The dream has gone for Brasil – I’m not even sure I’ll stay up to watch the second half of the football – but I’ve two bottles open, so… 😉

2011 de Villaine, Bourgogne Côte Chalonnaise La Digoine
Good colour. Hmm – not such a good nose – pyrazine and a round, diffuse, herby warmth. Good texture and quite good concentration. There’s a little pyrazine in the flavour too though the finish is quite good. Honestly, I’ve no interest in taking a second glass. Day 2 (overnight in the fridge) and I can’t detect anything nasty – indeed it smells and tastes rather pretty…
Rebuy – No

2009 Buisson-Charles, Bourgogne Pinot Noir
Also a good, deep colour. The nose has plenty of ripeness but develops a freshness of cooked summer fruit. This is rather concentrated and the texture is a good-deal silkier than the 2011. Nice mid-palate and finishing freshness. A very good Bourgogne.
Rebuy – Yes

2 responses to “2 bourgognes, 5 for germany (so far…)”

  1. paul clark

    Disaster for Brazil. Luckily you’re having a MUCH better evening!!!

  2. Tom Blach

    That’s always been my reaction to La Digoine, in whatever vintage. It gets much better with age but on balance it’s not worth the bother.

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