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wine faults seminar (ladybirds, ladybugs…?)


If anyone is interested to join-in this, drop me a line asap – and I’ll pass it on – there are only 3 bottles of each wine (there are a number of wines) so I’m guessing it might be limited to ~50(?)

Dear wine enthusiast

The Circle of Wine Writers’ committee has been in recent contact with Bill Nanson * regarding holding a seminar on wine faults. To quote a fellow Circle member, Clive Coates MW, Bill “is a gifted and experienced amateur… He is more than just a moderate or immoderate imbiber of good bottles. He knows his stuff.” However before we proceed with this seminar we would like to gauge interest as to whether this is feasible. The details are as below and we would be grateful if you could let us know:

a: if you would like to attend this and can make the 15th May


b: if you are keen to attend such a seminar but the 15th May is not convenient.

Pyrazine in the Burgundy: could it really be the ladybirds?

Bill Nanson has had derision and support from winemakers in almost equal measure for his theory about the ailment that affects 2004 and 2011 red Burgundies, and the basis of this will be explored and no-doubt extensively challenged during this discussion. But it seems that a minority of people can taste and smell this aspect of those vintages – or is that simply because they haven’t been properly introduced to it(?) During this discussion we may find out, with four examples from very well-known and admired producers, some false positives, and some fun exhibits that may or may not support Nanson’s contention…

Date: Thursday 15 May

Timing: 1.30-3.30 pm

Venue: WSET, Bermondsey St, London, SE1

Tickets: £35 non-CWW members

We would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible, or by Monday 10 March, if you would be keen to come along to this thought provoking seminar (on the 15th May or another date)

10 responses to “wine faults seminar (ladybirds, ladybugs…?)”

  1. David Lloyd

    Love to go but it’s 2 weeks before I arrive in Europe!

  2. Filippo

    Yes please!

  3. Phil Eaves

    Hi Bill

    Yes please include me

  4. Kelland Wines

    Hi Bill, really, really interested in this. Let me know.



  5. drtrev

    Sounds like a fascinating idea. Unfortunately, cannot make May 15.

  6. Roelof Ligtmans

    I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance in Beaune …

  7. antoine

    Interested. Let me know. Just bought some Barthod 2011 (Village, Cras and Beaux Bruns…)

  8. Filippo

    Also maybe time to switch to the 2014 This year’s A-list (so far…) 😉

  9. Nathan

    Bill, is this still going ahead and is it on 15 May? Interested but can’t make that date…

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