Why Big Red Diary?

The first Burgundy-Report Extra! (by subscription)

The next days will see some technical improvements to what you see (I think!) and the updating of the Homepage to reflect this new dimension to Burgundy Report.

But the basic implementation seems to work – unless you tell me otherwise…(?)

So here is the first report, which contains the link to become a subscriber. I hope you enjoy it – 300 wines from 2012 from some important producers, together with their comments on the quality and pricing of the vintage.

Issue two (February) will follow in two weeks and the first articles for March, two weeks later.

4 responses to “The first Burgundy-Report Extra! (by subscription)”

  1. wolfgang.mueller@univie.ac.at

    HOW do a subscribe with a regular credit card (Visa, Master) and can avoid the crappy PayPal?

  2. Peter Bamford

    Hi Bill,

    Do you have a name for the wines you’re highlighting in boxes within the lists of tasting notes, i.e. so that growers and merchants can propagate your name by saying a wine is “something” according to Bill Nanson?

    It’s great to see all this new content. I can see my buying and visits are going to be happily influenced by all this!



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