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wednesday: pics, fat whites & shameful herbicide treatments…

The warm (20-22°C) weather continues; blue sky and sunshine:

A tough tasting during the day – 70 whites from the Mâconnais, mainly 2012s. It’s a very small list of producers whose wines I would buy…

Much worse that fat, concentrated white Macon, was the sight of vines which had clear signs of herbicide treatments – and 1er Cru Beaune too. It will only become more and more obvious in the next week or two. There’s no excuse for this… :

5 responses to “wednesday: pics, fat whites & shameful herbicide treatments…”

  1. Rick Schofield

    What does the sight of vines treated with herbicides look like? how would one know?

  2. Mark C Johnson

    It’s been a long time since I did any farming, my teens!, but is that to mean the “browned” ground cover?

  3. claude.kolm@gmail.com

    It’s not that long ago — 10-15 years, maybe less? — that use of herbicides was still the majority in the Côte d’Or, even in very prestigious vineyards.

  4. bmcq

    One of our ex-neighbors is a tidy wad who evidently doesn’t care to actively control his drainage ditch by cutting like we do.

    Instead he used some sort of herbicide that made his ditch look like some blighted moonscape out of MadMax.

    Lack of elbow greased maintenance is pretty obvious once one sees the brown, dismal, carcinogenic, matted toxic carpet of gloom.

    btw congrats and good luck on the new endeavors. I may be able to dredge up a subscription if I can strike when the m00ds here are right.

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