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see the ownerships within the vineyards…

I initially thought it would be fun to do something like this, but it was very hard to do with French data protection rules etcetera. Anyway, it seems that Christophe Tupinier at Bourgogne Aujourd’hui has got around all that. There are 3 or 4 vineyards treated in this way in his latest (#116) issue.

Well done them, I’m really looking forward to many more of these…


13 responses to “see the ownerships within the vineyards…”

  1. r.k. stockton

    Very cool.

  2. burgundyfan

    Hi Bill
    the latest issue of bourgogne aujourd’hui is no. 116.
    Many thanks for all your work. It’s always fun to see your comments.

  3. Joachim

    Thats really interesting. Do you think it would be possible to post the other pictures here, since I don’t get Bourgogne Aujourd’hui in Germany?

  4. Christophe Tupinier

    Thank you for your comments. The good news for all of you is that we’ll launch an english online version of Bourgogne Aujourd’hui, starting with the next issue of the magazine (april-may)… Two more monthes to wait !

    Christophe Tupinier – Bourgogne Aujourd’hui

    1. JT

      That’s great! Will follow the development.

  5. Joachim

    Christophe, thats great to hear, especially since my french is pretty poor. Keep us updated here. You have an idea already how much the online subscription is going to be?

  6. Christophe Tupinier

    The price is the good question. We have prices for the french version (both paper and online) and we must decide for the english online version. It will be probably a bit more expensive. Not too much, but we’ve additionnal cost.
    You’ll discover on the web site, in a month approximately, what we propose.


  7. Simon

    Christophe: You will make the mono-linguistic English even more lazy than they are now to learn a second – or third – language. I enjoy wrestling through your publication with a dictionary in hand. I will continue to purchase your French edition at my local Tabac.

  8. Joachim

    Simon, in my defense: I’m german… 😉

  9. antoine

    Bought the (French) issue and loved it ! I think that they are improving and expanding. Previous issue (there was an updated map of Clos Vougeot owners and parcels and monks’ stories) was also excellent but, living in the UK, I don’t buy all issues.

  10. drtrev

    I have subscribed to the magazine based on the content here.
    Bill, you should have negotiated a commission from Christophe 🙂

    Any old issues that are really good? Some can be downloaded individually.

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