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watching through the window…


Of-course it can’t always be sunny, otherwise I wouldn’t be here! But like a good (adopted) Swiss, I choose not to venture out when I can’t see the ground under my skis – although I may go for a jog! Will change resort tomorrow, finally home on Sunday. Still, that means time to write a few words…

Have drunk some 2011 Au Pied de Mont Chauve Chassagnes, 2010 Gambal Dents de Chiens and 2009 Mischief & Mayhem Puligny Sous les Puits – all good 😉

Now, of-course, there’s time to read something too. I like Adam BS, but really and truly, there is a level of commoditisation already to be seen, for a small cadre of Burgundy growers, that is far from divergent from Bordeaux, it’s just that the main importers and producers hardly profit from it! ABS may be able to point to less than 15% price increases for nameplate domaines, but you or I won’t get an allocation of those, because we don’t have an annual spend of over GBP 20k with Corney & Barrow – these wines will (of-course!) be available in the grey-market though – for 50-100% more than last year 😉

Back soon…

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  1. bmcq

    I’ll be in Verbier tomorrow, La Grave Saturday, Chamonix Tuesday then Andermatt by the eve of the 30th.

    Save some snow!

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