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rossignol-trapet’s 2011 savigny bas liards


Well, I’m certainly not going to ‘trash-talk’ this wine from the perspective of P because I didn’t find any – and that’s the first 2011 in while that seems clean to my nose – yet I remain a little unsatisfied. Could there have a been a little below the radar cork taint? I don’t know, but for now, I will assume that this bottle isn’t representative…

2011 Rossignol-Trapet, Savigny-lès-Beaune Les Bas Liards
A pretty and bright medium, medium-plus colour. What can I tell you about the nose(?) – tough – there doesn’t seem to be one! There’s no oak or reduction (quite common for this domaine) but there is no fruit and hardly anything else either – strange. In the mouth this has a nice round shape and a little padding to the texture – no obvious CO2, and a baseline of soft, sweet-enough red fruit. Okay acidity, short finish and little obvious tannin. Day two (I try to be fair…) and there is a hint of a nose – something with a faint minerality but nothing more. The palate seems to have grown a little velvet tannin and maybe the finish has a very understated minerality. Almost an anti-wine – if it was three years old I would say it was closed!
Rebuy – No idea!

2 responses to “rossignol-trapet’s 2011 savigny bas liards”

  1. kent milani

    I have come to believe that the early stages of cork taint is loss of fruit in the nose, as you suggest.

  2. Peter Bamford

    Agreed that cork taint can do that. However, I think the 2011s in general are looking decidedly odd. Along with excellent-tasters Andy L and Bernard C, I had the Domaine Dujac, Morey-S-D ’11 with lunch yesterday. “No aroma” was their immediate reaction; and it didn’t go anywhere across the meal. And we all love Dujac! An introverted, pink-purple vintage…

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