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devevey’s 2011 beaune 1er pertuisots…


Jonah time again!

Whilst the few Devevey wines that have passed my lips I remember enjoying – particularly so, the whites – I’ve never-yet managed to pay a visit to understand more about this domaine. However, here is a wine that for more than one reason, I wouldn’t buy again – a shame as it’s one of my favourite Beaune 1ers too…

2011 Devevey Beaune 1er Pertuisots
Bright medium colour. The nose has a faint undertow of P, but overwhelmingly the aromas are dominated by pretty, precise red berry notes, whilst in the background there’s also a greener, herby note. Fresh and lithe – there’s a bit of an acid-kick in the mid-palate too – for-sure not the ripest of wines; yet it has energy and character – I’m enjoying this first glass. Truth be told, over 3 hours this gradually got meaner and the P component became a bit more obvious…
Rebuy – No

3 responses to “devevey’s 2011 beaune 1er pertuisots…”

  1. Eirik Sand Johnsen


    What is P?


  2. Ed

    I’m sensitive to “P” but have failed to detect it in two different 2011 wines by Confuron-Gindre. Were there fewer bugs in Vosne-R.?

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