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1999 l’arlot, domaine de l’arlot


My first wine at home in this new year – assuming the cork was a good one, I was pretty sure it should be a good start – and so it was. 1999 is the second-largest vintage in my cellar – maybe I’ll try a few more this year…

1999 l’Arlot, Nuits St.Georges 1er Clos de l’Arlot
Just a little bit more than medium colour. Hmmm – what a forward, round and friendly mix of white chocolate, whole cluster aromas and roses – a real friendly ‘punch’. In the mouth there’s a palpable weight of fat texture that’s cut with good acidity – this wine is incredibly enjoyable – yet, seems a little soft at the core for ‘brilliant’. Return to the glass a couple of hours later and the whole cluster anecdotes are a little more green and resinous – though they are what they are – yet there now seems better definition in the mid-palate – swings and roundabout. Overall I’m preferring this now, to drink. Throughout there has been a steady baseline of velvet tannin. This seems in a good place right now, but clearly no rush at all to drink!
Rebuy – Yes

Happy New Year…

3 responses to “1999 l’arlot, domaine de l’arlot”

  1. Dan

    Happy new year! I really like this wine from Arlot even though I haven’t tried the 99 version.

    Bill, do you have any experience with the 99 Arlot NSG Forets? I’ve spotted some at a wine retailer… As I understand it the Forets is usually a bit more structured and less elegant perhaps.

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