Why Big Red Diary?

‘2012 Burgundy Vintage – The new normal?’

Beautiful words…

2 responses to “‘2012 Burgundy Vintage – The new normal?’”

  1. Roelof Ligtmans

    An almost poetic reflection on the vintage, which I think is spot on – and for the sheer quality of the 2012 wines, and for the evocation of the economic consequences of an unprecedented string of small vintages.

  2. Caroline Lestimé

    Further to the election of our “normal” French President it is a word that I abhor….
    Nature is not predictable and that is why I like – or some days hate – that job
    But above all we must remain confident for the future and look at the long term.
    I wish 2014 may restore our faith in ourselves and renew our belief in our mission to elevate Burgundy at its best!

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