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seguin-manuel grows…


Domaine Seguin-Manuel gets a toehold in the Côte de Nuits

Domaine Seguin-Manuel takes over a 1,8-hectare vineyard in Vosne-Romanée « Aux Communes ». Hand harvested on October 3-4, the grapes coming from these old vines are showing a high quality potential.

The estate now covers a total area of 8,5 hectares. Initially located in Savigny-lès-Beaune, Domaine Seguin-Manuel has been farming several new plots in Beaune, Pommard, Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet since its acquisition by Thibaut Marion in 2004. In the process of certification, all the vineyards are organically grown.

« This new plot in Vosne-Romanée makes it possible for us to get a toehold in an iconic village of the Côte de Nuits. It contributes to the control of our supplies of sought-after appellations wines and strengthens the artisan dimension of our winery».

Seguin-Manuel produce 80 000 bottles a year and export 70% of them in some thirty countries.

Thibaut Marion


4 responses to “seguin-manuel grows…”

  1. JT

    Any idea who they bought it from?

  2. Roelof Ligtmans

    Strange figures …. They produce 80.000 bottles on 8,5 hectares, so almost 10.000 bottles per hectare??? That means a yield of 75 hl/ha, well above anything allowed for normal Burgundy wine, and even highish for crémant. And totally unbelievable with organic farming methods. So, what’s wrong? Or am I mistaken? There must be some “negoce” element in there surely?

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