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books in the post…


Ooh! Another day another book – it’s an avalanche! A nice delivery this morning – just leave it with me for a couple of weeks to digest 😉

oh, and yet another DRC fraud story broke cover yesterday too…

2 responses to “books in the post…”

  1. Lliwiau Llachar

    Hi Bill
    Would be interested to hear your views on the Coates book. I have both Côte d’Or and The Wines of Burgundy and was wondering whether there is any new information in this tome. If it’s more or less the same as the last two books then I won’t bother purchasing.

  2. Sycamore

    Bill — book looks great with a furry background!

    Mark — in case its helpful, here’s a URL to the book on Amazon, with a “look inside” feature. You can peruse the table of contents, and a preface where Clive describes what the book “is and isn’t”……


    Best, Todd

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