vintage 2013 – another day, and another day…

Pic. from Patrick Essa. Reds in Meursault yesterday

That’s how the harvest projections are still going. Whites grapes that were anticipated to be cut ~27th have now mainly been put back to the 30th-plus. One vigneron told me that it looks a little like 2008 for the whites, i.e. they may need to wait and wait but then pick very quickly before botrytis exerts any control. I did hear of some pickers who might pick some chardonnay next week – but they will only be able to make cremant I expect, as the grapes are not yet ripe.

As for reds, more and more are expecting their peak picking to be 3rd-10th October – doubtless there will be many domaines on either side of that window…

2 responses to “vintage 2013 – another day, and another day…”

  1. Alvin Seah

    Hope that the full moon will bring about dry, sunny, and windy weather.

    All our best wishes and prayers to all the vignerons in Burgundy for the 2013 harvest !

  2. Andrew Nielsen (@legrappin)

    3rd is the earliest that I am hearing from my fellow vignerons (reds of course). Savigny will be towards the end or after that window most likely with the stress the hail put on the vines.

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