september a little too cool and damp? vintage 2013…

Let’s see, here are the current thoughts of Patrick Essa…

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  1. claude.kolm@gmail.com

    Alas, meteo.fr isn’t promising what he wants, with rain predicted for 20, 23, 24.

  2. Mark in Pernand

    Thought for a while this year seems quite similar to 2008 when I recall finishing harvesting first week of October but maybe this year has the potential a la Claude to not be so kind weather wise in the final run up – we’ll see I guess.

  3. claude.kolm@gmail.com

    Based on what Patrick wrote, they face a rot problem if the rain continues and the weather stays reasonably warm, so at some point would have to make a decision to take in what’s there at the state it’s in, however immature, or leave it and risk getting nothing.

  4. Roelof Ligtmans

    So far, things are quietly trundling along. Not very fast though. Rot might be a problem, but isn’t yet.

    (4 more days of intermittent rain announced for this week; total rainfall since april 15 is already 470 mm).

    However, by the end of the week, the sun should reappear.

    The key to success in 2013 will probably be: limited yields (big yields won’t mature properly early october) and some “enherbement” ( = grass/weeds) in the vineyards. These will help to soak up the rain, and thus limit rot.

    At Domaine de la Monette, we keep our fingers crossed …. and aim for october 3rd to start harvesting.

  5. Roelof Ligtmans

    Contrary to popular belief, July has not only been very hot but very wet as well. A big thunderstorm a week keeps things well watered, especially as we had one sunday with 50 mm. August was a little drier, the beginning of September was glorious, but since then …. Rain for the past 12 days, topping 490 mm since the start of the growing season.

    Most grapes are still OK though. This year, the whites seem more fragile than the reds.

    The start of the 2013 harvest has for the moment been fixed at october 4th (weather permitting); we’ll pick friday – sunday, and again the weekend after that. Differences in maturity between different pacels are very clear, permitting picking during 2, possibly 3 weekends.

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