Why Big Red Diary?

more mountains…

Back again – eventually I may write something about wine, but as a ‘warm-up’ I’ll add a couple(!) of higher altitude pics…

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  1. bmcq

    Hotel Therme au Vals? C’est tres chic!. And some killer ski touring there too. You drove then? No train access there, only post bus.

  2. bmcq

    If gazing on high while soaking, consider a visit to Ouray, Colorado some time. Really amazing view of the San Juans all around with Mt. Sneffels (named after the peak in Verne’s ‘Center of the Earth’ peak) crowning the view..

  3. bmcq

    Another neat place is Chappeliberg, East of Sisikon, up past Riemenstalden. There’s a little cable car that takes one up to here: http://www.lidernenhuette.ch/lage.htm with loads of wonderful tours.

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