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a cellar survey…


It comes to all of us, but sooner or later we have to take stock – or at least have a reasonable idea of our ‘position’!

In that context I started to work my way through the cellar, cataloguing. At one time I had most things noted on a spreadsheet, but that hasn’t been updated since the arrival of the 2007s, so with trepidation I began the task at the weekend, and I’m still only halfway through! A glass or two of Rebourgeon-Mure’s 2010 Beaune Vignes-Franches was helping yesterday, hopefully today too. I expect I should have it completed by next weekend!

6 responses to “a cellar survey…”

  1. David Bennett

    I have just re-arrranged mine too…is that ALL Burg?

  2. Roelof Ligtmans

    Personally, I’m quite addicted to CellarTracker to keep track of the contents of my cellar – no need for spreadsheets, and the added benefit of sharing tasting notes with other users. Particularly usefull: the “time to drink up” report, which indicates you forgotten bin ends at the back of the pile. And, best of all, it is almost free.

  3. Philip

    You can always tell the difference between a real drinker’s cellar, and those who have a wine collection as a lifestyle accessory….

  4. michaeltwelftree

    I recently started this process and am a little scared at how much wine I have accumulated over the journey, I have found Cellar tracker very seamless and easy to use. Best of luck MT

  5. Wolfgang Frey

    When exactly is the cellar tasting taking place? 😉

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