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hasard’s mercurey 2010 les marcoeurs…


Not sure How I ended up with this one – part of a mixed ‘summer’ case I think. Turns out to be quite nice:

2010 Alain & Isabelle Hasard, Mercurey Champs de l’Abbaye Les Marcoeurs
Deeper and more intense colour after the Duband wine. Likewise, the nose seems deep, and the dark cherry notes give a polished impression. In the mouth, this really is quite silky and competent, yet, it never really fires the imagination like the Duband did – it just lacks some defining character – it is simply a silky, pretty wine, and perhaps a slightly riper wine than the Duband. I note that it also costs about 25% more so I would say offers less value too. All that said, it remains a good wine.
Rebuy – Yes

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