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my first vintage 2012 purchases

6-Pack prices in Swiss Francs, delivered to my cellar.

You know, I finally realised it was time to get my credit card dirty. The Jadot Chardonnay from yesterday apart (and I suppose a couple of bottles of Kiwi when I was over there in February), I haven’t bought any wine this year – none! Of-course there will be ‘standing-order’ cases to pick-up and pay for from the usually suspects in Burgundy, but this is my first in 2013.

Despite all the hullabaloo, 2012 (as you can see) is not particularly more expensive than previous vintages – unless you only want Griotte or Cros Parantoux etcetera, in which case you will most certainly be fleeced…

4 responses to “my first vintage 2012 purchases”

  1. Filobianco

    Which Rion, Bill ?

  2. antoine

    Did you taste them before ordering? If yes, did you also taste Malconsorts from Bichot? (I just ordered Rugiens and Malconsorts)

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